Removed mass delete wip
[squasher.git] / squasher.php
2017-03-09 Jean-Michel VourgèreRemoved mass delete wip
2017-03-09 Jean-Michel VourgèreMove db setup in config.php
2017-03-09 Jean-Michel VourgèrePrevent mysql injections
2017-02-24 Jean-Michel VourgèreRemoved most of the execution notices
2017-02-24 Jean-Michel Vourgèreblank
2017-02-23 Jean-Michel VourgèreFixed "Use of undefined constant" warnings
2017-02-23 Jean-Michel VourgèreNormalized <?php headers for modern setups
2017-02-23 Jean-Michel VourgèreWork around missing user #0
2017-02-23 Jan BakuwelFirst git import