Added note about cgroup2 protection
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2019-11-12 Jean-Michel VourgèreAdded one year graph link
2019-10-16 Nirgalgraph: Added support for days and steps
2019-10-16 NirgalTests on php-rrd not using rrdcahed
2019-10-14 NirgalCleanup
2019-10-13 NirgalWeb page to reset the counter
2019-10-13 NirgalEnabled HTTP chunked transfer encoding
2019-10-13 NirgalClean up duplicate php code to inc file
2019-10-13 NirgalMore tests on http chuncked transfer
2019-10-13 NirgalDocumentation
2019-10-12 NirgalPre-release demo version 0.0.1-rc
2019-10-12 NirgalFirst version